Flamenco Guitars

Flamenco Guitars for the UK

Gamlingay Guitars is here for those who want to buy flamenco guitars in the UK. We offer flamenco guitars for sale imported from the south of Spain, guitars that are made by some of the finest craftsmen and women you can find.

We offer two types of flamenco guitar.

  1. The first are made in a small factory / workshop by one of the most capable of guitar companies in Spain, Bros guitars. You can read a review of the Bros B40 from Guitarist magazine by clicking on the image below. The review is a few years old, before we started importing the guitars, but the processes and woods used are still the same.Guitarist magazne review of B-40
  2. The second are artisan-made, individually crafted guitars from some of the finest of the Granada school of guitar makers who count some of the most renowned flamenco guitarists in the world amongst their clients. These are suitable for professional players or serious amateurs who expect world class sound and the best craftsman(woman)ship available.

We offer a range of guitars to suit all budgets.

Please take a look at the details of each of the instruments on the flamenco guitars for sale page and, if we haven’t answered your questions on our frequently asked questions page, feel free to ask us any questions you may have using the contact form on our contacts page. Please also take a look at our partners page for additional products and information related to flamenco.

We are confident that you will enjoy any guitar you order from us immensely, and we fully insure each guitar for delivery. .

Below you will find the latest video advert from our main supplier, Guitarras Bros. We think you’ll like it!